what does the s mean on a gear shift


Understanding The “S” on a Gear Shift

The “S” found typically on an automatic gear shift can be a confusing concept for new drivers. Luckily, understanding what the S means is actually quite simple. By understanding what it is and what it does, you can have more control over your vehicle and your driving.

What does the ‘S’ Stand For?

The “S” on a gear shift stands for Sport. It is often set apart from the other two (or more) options on the shift, usually D, N, L and R – with N being Neutral, D being Drive, L being Low and R being Reverse.

What does the ‘S’ Do?

When the gear shift is in S mode, the car’s transmission shifts later and the engine runs at a higher RPM. This increases the speed of the car and can offer a more exciting driving experience. When you are in a sporting situation, such as at a race or rally track, using the “S” can help you get more speed out of the car.

When to Use the ‘S’

When to use the S mode depends on your driving style and the situation. Here are a few situations when the “S” can be used:

  • Competitive Driving – When participating in a race or rally, using the S mode can help you achieve a higher speed.
  • Highway Driving – If you are looking to pass a vehicle on the highway, using the S mode can often help you do that faster.
  • Faster Acceleration – When pulling out of an intersection or a tight turning situation, using the S mode can help you get the car moving faster.

Using the “S” mode should always be used responsibly. Overusing the S mode can damage your car’s transmission and cause excessive fuel consumption.

In conclusion, the S mode on an automatic gear shift can be a useful tool when used responsibly. It can be used to increase speed, performance, and acceleration when in the right situation. Make sure to use it sparingly and not overuse it – it can help you extend the lifespan of your car.