what does the s on the gear shift mean


What Does the S on the Gear Shift Mean?

The S on the gear shift is one of the most commonly misunderstood symbols on the car controls. This is often due to how different car makers use the same symbols despite having different meanings. Luckily, the meaning of the S is quite easy to understand and remember going forward.

What Does ‘S’ Stand For?

The S stands for Sport on a gear shift. This mode makes the car drive faster and respond more quickly to acceleration. It does this by sending more power to the engine and adjusting the transmission ratio. Some cars also offer a manual mode where you can manually change the gears yourself via the shift.

Features of Sport Mode

When in Sport mode, some cars will automatically upshift sooner and downshift later. Further features can also include:

  • Automatic transmission and engine optimization for higher performance
  • Firmer performance suspension
  • Improved acceleration and response
  • A more aggressive driving experience

How to Use Sport Mode

Sport mode can be used when you need a bit of extra power for a passing maneuver or if you want to enjoy a more responsive driving experience. However, it’s important to be aware of the increased usage of fuel and possible wear and tear of the vehicle and engine when utilizing this mode.

Unless intended for actual motor sport usage, it is advised to use Sport mode sparingly and in safe driving conditions.