what gear to use when going uphill


Tips for Going Uphill on a Bicycle

Going uphill on a bicycle can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. Having the right gear and equipment for the job makes all the difference. Here are some tips to help you out:

Gear Essentials

  • Low Gear: Make sure your bike has plenty of low gears to help you up any steep inclines you might encounter.
  • Wide Tires: Wide tires with a deep tread keep you better in control on the road.
  • Climbing Bag: Having a good climbing bag with pockets and compartments to keep all your needs, such as your water, snacks, phone and other equipment.
  • Climbing Shoes: Lightweight and grippy shoes that won’t cause fatigue or slip on the pedals help you get up the hill faster.


  • Stand up: Standing up on the pedals while going uphill can help you pedal more efficiently and with more strength.
  • Smooth Pedal: Pedal in a smooth, circular motion by spinning the pedals faster to get up the hill faster.
  • Body Position: Sitting with your torso leaned forward, balanced over the handle bar will help you get up the hill faster with less effort.

Bear in mind that going uphill can be hard work and it’s important to prepare with the right gear and technique to make it easier. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to conquering any hill.

Happy Climbing!