What Goes Into a Baby’s Bib? Surprising Finds You Won’t Believe



Babies are messy, and mealtime can result in quite a bit of spills, stains, and drool on their bibs. However, what else can be found on a baby’s bib might surprise you.

Common Items Found on a Baby’s Bib

The typical items you might expect to find on a baby’s bib include food stains, spills, and drool. Additionally, crumbs and food particles are common findings.

Surprising Finds on a Baby’s Bib

Believe it or not, some unexpected items can end up on a baby’s bib. Non-food items such as toys or objects that the baby puts in their mouth, hair or lint can attach to the bib, and dirt, grass or debris from crawling can be stuck on the bib too. Even foreign objects like pet hair, small pieces of paper or wrappers, and bugs or insects have been found on baby’s bib.

Importance of Keeping a Baby’s Bib Clean

It is essential to keep your baby’s bib clean as it affects their hygiene and health. Dirty bibs can attract bacteria, insects or mold and can pose choking hazards, especially if foreign objects are sticking to the bib.

Tips for Keeping a Baby’s Bib Clean

To prevent potentially harmful and surprising items from ending up on your baby’s bib, here are some tips on how to keep them clean: use a waterproof bib, have multiple bibs available, rinse and wash bibs after use, and use a bib clip to keep the bib in place.


Keeping a baby’s bib clean and clear of any foreign objects is essential to protecting their health and ensuring a positive mealtime experience. By following a few simple tips, parents can keep their baby’s bibs looking and functioning at their best.