what happen to edot baby



What Happened to Edot Baby?

In July 2018, a baby call Edot made headlines after she was allegedly kidnapped from an orphanage in Gulu, Uganda. Since then, her whereabouts remained unknown.

What is Edot’s Story?

Edot was taken from an orphanage at 6 months old by a couple who identified themselves as humanitarians wanting to help the orphanage. Although there was no proof of adoption, the couple took Edot and vanished, leaving the locals reeling and frightened.

What Has Been Done to Find Her?

Ugandan authorities had a case open since 2018 and have sent out teams to investigate the situation and talk to witnesses. However, despite their efforts, they have yet to find any leads.

In December 2020, the American organization “Hope’s Voice” and the Ugandan charity “Faith in Action” launched a campaign to relaunch the search for Edot. The campaign involves offering a reward of $10,000 to anyone who has credible information leading to baby Edot’s safe return.


Edot’s disappearance is a tragedy, and baby trafficking is a criminal act. Her safe return would provide closure for her family, friends and community.

Here’s what you can do to help:

    • Spread the word: Share her story and the reward campaign with your friends and family.


    • Donate: Every little bit helps. You can donate to “Hope’s Voice” and “Faith in Action” for their efforts.


    • Call for Action: Reach out to your government representatives to urge them to take action on baby trafficking.


Help us find Edot and bring her home safely.