what happened to baby bailey mama drama


What Happened to Baby Bailey Mama Drama?

The Story of Baby Bailey

In March of 2016, Baby Bailey, a 3 and 1/2 month old baby girl, was involved in something known as the “Mama Drama.” This incident figured into what was widely compared to the Gator Incident, a textbook case of parental abduction that occurred in South Carolina in 2015.

The Baby Bailey Mama Drama began when Bailey’s father, Travis, noticed that his daughter had been taken by her mother, Janell, without his knowledge. After a weekend of searching, Travis located Bailey and Janell. Unfortunately, while the two were living in another state, without Travis’ knowledge or consent, Janell had put Bailey up for adoption!

The Adoption of Baby Bailey

The adoption was quickly put on hold. After much pushback from Travis and other family members, it was decided that Baby Bailey would remain with Janell and Travis, who were granted joint custody of the minor child.

The Aftermath of the Mama Drama

The introduction of adoption proceedings into this already contentious situation had many long-term effects.

Negative Effects:

  • The attempted adoption strained the relationship between Janell and Travis and caused them to go to court many times.
  • It caused a lot of stress on the family, as well as Baby Bailey.
  • It created a situation of legal limbo, as Janell and Travis could not agree on who was meant to be Bailey’s legal guardian.

Positive Effects:

  • Bailey’s guardian is now legally decided.
  • Travis and Janell now adhere to a court ordered custody agreement.
  • Both parents now share financial responsibility for Baby Bailey.

The Baby Bailey Mama Drama highlighted the importance of parental responsibility. It also emphasized the legal protections available to parents trying to protect their rights to their children. It was an intense situation, but thanks to organized legal intervention, Baby Bailey is safely in the care of her father and mother.