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The Baby Blues Comic


The Baby Blues comic is an American comic strip created by Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott on July 14, 1990. It chronicles the experiences of the MacPherson family, a suburban couple and their children, Wren and Zander. The couple sometimes struggles with the increasing demands of parenting and the ups and downs of their personal relationship.

Growing Popularity


The Baby Blues comic rose to popular culture prominence in a short period of time. It appeared in 500 United States newspapers by 1995. By March 1996, the strip was featured in 1,400 newspapers and boasted of a 55 million american readers every day.

Decline in Popularity


Since the 2000s, the comic strip’s popularity had slowly started to decline. In the last 10 years, the newspapers featuring the Baby Blues have dropped from 1,400 to 400. Kirkman and Scott announced in 2012 that the strip was ceasing publication in July 2013. Despite this, Baby Blues still endures in the hearts of many readers.

The Legacy Lives On


The comic strip might have ended, but the stories and memories of Baby Blues coins in the hearts of many. The Baby Blues strips are currently being published in monthly mini-comics and in two books: B Is for Baby Blues and Growing Up with Baby Blues.

The strip also had two spin-off comic strips, Kudzu and The Knight Life, released by Kirkman and Scott in the 1990s. Kudzu ended its publication in 2007, while The Knight Life went on until 2013. However, fans of Baby Blues comics still chances to come across their favorite childhood comic strip in the books and mini comics.



Although the Baby Blues comic strip is no longer in newspapers, it is still remembered fondly by its many fans. The legacy of Baby Blues lives on in books and mini-comics, ensuring that its place in popular culture history is remembered for years to come.