what happened to baby lisa irwin


What Happened to Baby Lisa Irwin?

The disappearance of Baby Lisa Irwin is one of the most mysterious cases from the United States in the last decade. On November 11th, 2011, Lisa was reported missing from a residence in Kansas City, Missouri. Police and FBI searched inconclusively for the baby girl for 11 months and have yet to discover any vital clues in her disappearance. The case remains unsolved.

The Disappearance

The details of the exact night of Lisa Irwin’s disappearance are extremely vague. On November 11th, 2011 around 6 PM, baby Lisa was reported missing from her bed in her home during what was reportedly a “normal” evening with Lisa in bed asleep at 10:30 PM.

When the parents returned home the next morning, Lisa was not in her bedroom and the bedroom window of the house had been found open.

Investigations and Theories

The investigations conducted by the authorities have come up empty in finding any vital evidence or clues in what actually happened to Lisa.

The father, Jeremy Irwin, has come under heightened levels of suspicion and has taken multiple polygraph tests with inconclusive results.

The family has stated that they have received suspicious phone calls from a hidden number claiming to have information about Lisa. It remains unclear if this is connected to the case or simply a cold lead.

The Theories

1. Lisa was taken by a stranger during the night
2. Lisa was a victim of a home invasion gone horribly wrong
3. Lisa passed away due to an unknown cause and was improperly disposed of
4. Lisa may still be alive in the remote custody of an unknown person.

There have been multiple searches conducted in the area based on some of these theories yet nothing has come up so far.

Ongoing Search

The searches for Lisa and the investigation remain ongoing to this date. An FBI nationwide alert in 2018 extended attention to the case in hopes of discovering any clues of her disappearance.

A $100,000 reward is currently being offered by family for any information that leads to the discovery of Baby Lisa Irvin.

Despite the extended search by authorities no concrete leads have yet to be found.

The unresolved case of Baby Lisa Irvin serves as reminder for all families to be extra vigilant during these remote times.