what happened to gregory’s parents fnaf


What Happened to Gregory’s Parents in FNAF?

Gregory’s parents are mysterious characters in the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s game series. While their exact fate remains unknown, fans have developed many theories about what happened to them.

Theories About Gregory’s Parents

There are several theories that surround the disappearance of Gregory’s parents. Some believe they may have been victims of the multiple murders that occurred at Fazbear Entertainment, while others think they were killed by the animatronics. The most popular and plausible theory, however, suggests they were employees at Fazbear Entertainment who encountered dire consequences due to the malfunctioning animatronics.

  • Murder Victims Theory: There are many theories surrounding the murders at Fazbear Entertainment and some suggest that Gregory’s parents were victims of these terrible events.
  • Killed by Animatronics Theory: Some fans believe that the animatronics may have killed Gregory’s parents. This theory is based on the fact that some of the animatronics are malfunctioning and could have caused the unfortunate deaths.
  • Employees of Fazbear Theory: The most likely theory is that Gregory’s parents were employees of Fazbear Entertainment and encountered dire consequences due to the malfunctioning animatronics. This theory is supported by the fact that they are never seen in the game.


To this day, the exact fate of Gregory’s parents remains unknown. While there are several theories surrounding their disappearance, the truth remains a mystery. We may never know what happened to them, but their legacy lives on through the games they inspired.