what happened to jamie’s baby mama on yellowstone


What Happened to Jamie’s Baby Mama on Yellowstone?

The hit television show Yellowstone follows the Dutton family and their attempts to save their ranch. In Season 2, the youngest Dutton, Jamie Dutton, had a surprise when he discovered he had a baby. This lead to fans asking questions about Jamie’s baby mama, what happened to her, and where was she? Let’s take a look.

The Mystery Behind Jamie’s Baby Mama

Jamie’s baby mama is not mentioned in the show, leaving it as a mystery as to who she might be. There have been many fan theories, however, none of them have been confirmed. Although Jamie took on the role of father, the mother of his child was never given an identity in the show.

Jamie Receives Custody of His Baby

At the end of Season 2, Jamie had custody of the baby. But it was presumed that the baby had other carers before Jamie received full custody. This was shown on the show in a brief scene where we see the baby was briefly taken care of by social services.

Theories Abound for Jamie’s Baby Mama

There are a number of theories about who the mother of Jamie’s baby could be. Some of the theories include:

  • Beth Dutton: Beth Dutton is Jamie’s half-sister and it is possible that she is the mother of Jamie’s child. Although this hasn’t been confirmed, this possibility cannot be ruled out.
  • Sheila Haynes: Sheila Haynes has been a long-time friend of Jamie’s and it is possible that she is the mother of his child.
  • The Social Worker: Another wild theory is that the social worker who was taking care of the baby is the mother. This is unlikely, however, since she did not take the baby home with her and it was Jamie who was awarded custody.


The identity of Jamie’s baby mama remains a mystery, and there has been much speculation about who it could be. However, at this time, there is no confirmation as to who the mother is. Fans will just have to wait to see if the show reveals the identity of the baby mama in a future season.