what happened to jamie’s baby mama on yellowstone



What Happened to Jamie’s Baby Mama on Yellowstone?

When Jamie Dutton (played by Wes Bentley) found out his ex-girlfriend, Beth Dutton, was expecting a baby, it sent shock waves throughout the Yellowstone Ranch. So, of course, fan speculation ran rampant: Who was the baby mama and what happened to her?

Who is the Baby Mama?

The baby mama’s identity is Clarissa Adams, a former employee of the Yellowstone Ranch. She met Jamie while working on the ranch and the two had a relationship, which ultimately led to the conception of their child.

What Happened to Clarissa Adams?

Clarissa is never seen in the series, but it’s clear that her and Jamie are still in contact. In the Season 3 premiere, Jamie makes contact with Clarissa via phone and arranges a meeting in Louisiana. He gets ready to leave and is about to tell his father about the baby, but is ultimately pulled away for other business.

Jamie runs away and leaves without informing anyone, causing a family meltdown when they find out. Later in the season, he attempts to answer some of the questions surrounding his relationship with Clarissa and his seemingly sudden disappearance. Jamie finally decides to meet Clarissa in person, but it’s unclear what transpired between them.

What Might Happen in the Future?

The future of Jamie and Clarissa’s relationship is still up in the air and it’s likely that the story will continue to be explored as the show progresses. Here’s to hoping that Jamie and Clarissa will eventually find some form of closure, for the sake of their child.

There are a few possibilities of how their story will play out:

    • They could reunite: Jamie and Clarissa could ultimately decide to reunite and raise their child together.


    • They could part ways: Jamie and Clarissa could decide to go their separate ways for the sake of their child, forming a strong yet distant relationship.


    • They could remain estranged: Jamie and Clarissa could never make contact again and remain completely estranged.


Only time will tell the fate of Jamie and Clarissa, so stay tuned to find out what happens in the coming seasons of Yellowstone!