what happened to max baby in the l word



What Happened to Max’s Baby in The L Word?

Max’s (Daniela Sea) story arc on The L Word spans a rollercoaster of events. From being hesitant to come out on the show to finding love, Max has grown and changed as a character throughout the series. One of the most intriguing plotlines in Max’s story was the mystery of what happened to his baby.

The Baby is Born

In season 5, Max decided to become a single father. After finding a surrogate mother to have a child, he quickly realizes that he is not ready to become a dad. Throughout the process, Max’s surrogate mother is happy to carry his baby, despite knowing of Max’s reservations. In the end, the baby is born.

Max Puts the Baby Up for Adoption

Shortly after the baby’s birth, Max makes the difficult decision to put the baby up for adoption. Despite his emotions and the support from his friends and family, Max believes that his baby would be better off with a two-parent family. After signing the paperwork, Max says a heartbreaking goodbye to the baby and begins to process his decision.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of Max’s decision is a period of intense reflection and self-care. He faces the reality that even though he did the best he could, he can never undo his past. His friends and family help him through this emotional period as he comes to terms with what he has done.

The Last Time We See Max’s Baby

The last time we see the baby is in season 6. We learn that he has been adopted by a two-parent family and is living a happy life. Max is comforted by this knowledge and is able to finally close this chapter of his life and move on.


Max’s journey in The L Word was long and complex, and his story as a single father was one that was filled with heartbreak and emotion. It took some time, but eventually Max was able to move on and find peace knowing that his baby was in a better place.