what happened to melissa’s baby in pretty little liars



The Mystery of Melissa’s Baby in “Pretty Little Liars”

The hit series “Pretty Little Liars” had an ongoing mystery regarding Melissa Hastings’ pregnancy. Fans of the show were left wondering, who was the father of Melissa’s baby?

The Buildup

The pregnancy storyline was first revealed in the first season, but the identity of the father of Melissa’s baby was a mystery for many seasons. Melissa herself suggested that it was Ian, the deceased brother of Spencer, but some fans had their doubts about that.

There were other possible candidates for being the father of Melissa’s baby, among them Wren, a medical practitioner who treated Melissa during her pregnancy and also was having a relationship with Spencer’s sister.

The mystery kept us wondering until the fourth season, when finally the truth was revealed.

The Reveal

It was revealed that Melissa’s baby was in fact the result of a one-night stand with Ian’s twin brother, Darren Wilden. The fact that the baby had a different blood type than both Melissa and Ian’s families was a clear indication of this.

Fans were shocked by this revelation, and even had some theories about the potential incestuous implications of this affair, but the show never confirmed the exact nature of the relationship between Melissa and Darren.

The Aftermath

After the reveal, the storyline of Melissa’s pregnancy largely disappeared from the show, but it’s still one of the most mysterious and unresolved story arcs in “Pretty Little Liars”.

It was also revealed that Melissa and Darren had been working together to keep the paternity of the baby secret, and that Melissa paid him off to keep quiet. This raised some eyebrows among the fans, and it’s still unclear what the exact motive of this coverup was.


In the end, Melissa’s baby was revealed to be the son of Darren Wilden, who was revealed to be a ruthless cop with plenty of secrets hidden in his past. This revelation kept us guessing for many seasons, and it’s still one of the most mysterious story arcs in the show.

The information we have at this point doesn’t give us enough to guess what was really going on with Melissa and Darren, and we may never know the full truth about this controversial storyline.