what happens if you accidentally flushed a baby wipe


What Happens If You Accidentally Flush a Baby Wipe?

Flushing a baby wipe down the toilet may seem like a harmless act initially, but in actual fact it can have long-lasting consequences and damage your plumbing.

The Damage it Can Cause

Flushing a baby wipe down the toilet can cause a blockage in the pipes and eventually lead to plumbing problems.

A baby wipe is not designed or biodegradable and will not dissolve like loo roll. Therefore it gets stuck in your pipes, other debris builds up around it and eventually this will lead to a complete block.

How to Ensure Your Home is Safe

It is important to be mindful about what you flush down your toilet and take steps to prevent it:

  • Always look for the ‘flushable’ logo when buying wipes.
  • Teach children to only flush toilet paper.
  • Throw all wet wipes and other items away in the bin.
  • Install mesh screens in any drains that are prone to blockages.

Removing a Blockage

If a blockage does occur, you can use a plunger or use a drain cleaner to try to dislodge it, however if you are still struggling to get the obstruction out you should call a plumber. They are the experts and will be able to solve the problem safely and efficiently.

The key takeaway is to not flush baby wipes, always check what is ‘flushable’ and make sure any wipes get thrown away in the bin.