what happens if you get baby jesus in rosca


What is a Rosca?

A rosca is a traditional bread popular in Mexico and other Latin American countries. It is usually a round spongy doughnut-like pastry.

What happens if you get Baby Jesus inside a Rosca?

Getting Baby Jesus inside a rosca is considered to be very lucky and is celebrated throughout Latin America. Different cultures have different meanings to this event.

Mexican Tradition

In Mexico, this event is celebrated with a piñata every year. It is believed that whoever receives this piñata will have good luck and blessings all year long. After the person has broken the piñata they can share it with the rest of the family and friends.

Honduran Tradition

In Honduras, the tradition is a bit different. After the rosca is cut and a baby Jesus figurine is found inside, the person will receive a blessing from their family and friends. The figurine is then placed in a Nativity Scene in the home.

Colombian Tradition

In Colombia, it is a very popular tradition. Every year in January, people from all over the country participate in exchanging roscas in an effort to get the one with Baby Jesus inside. Those fortunate enough to get the rosca with Baby Jesus inside, receive not only luck but also gifts from the other participants.


Getting Baby Jesus inside a rosca is considered to bring luck and blessings throughout the year, no matter the tradition. It is considered to bring abundance and fertility, as well as symbol of hope and renewal.


Getting Baby Jesus inside a rosca is a very popular tradition throughout Latin America. No matter the tradition, it carries with it a lot of luck and blessings. The tradition has been passed from one generation to the other, and is celebrated by many. Getting Baby Jesus inside a rosca is a true blessing!