what is a baby bobcat called


Baby Bobcat Facts

Bobcats, also known as wildcats, are a type of small-to-medium sized cats native to North America. Baby Bobcats are undeniably cute and are of great interest to people everywhere! Read on to find out more about the adorable life of a baby Bobcat.

What is a Baby Bobcat Called?

A baby Bobcat is known as a kitten and, like other baby cats, they depend on their parents for food and protection. Young kittens usually weigh between 14 and 20 ounces at birth, and are typically brown and white in colour.

What Do Baby Bobcats Look Like?

Kittens are incredibly small and have a distinguishable coat of fuzzy fur, which is designed to help them stay warm. As baby bobcats mature, the fur darkens and shortens until it takes the form of the iconic bobcat fur.

Kitten Care

Kittens learn important life skills from their parents and stay in the den for periods of three weeks. The mother Bobcat offers her young protection and typically feeds them while they remain in the den. When the young kittens are ready, the mother leads them on their first hunting expedition, and they become independent hunters.

Help for Separated Baby Bobcat Kittens

Unfortunately, young Bobcat kittens can become separated and unable to find their families. Thankfully, there are steps people can take to help these kittens.

  • Observe: Before intervening, be sure to watch the kitten from a safe distance for several hours to make sure it is actually separated.
  • Provide Food: You can provide food and shelter for the kitten in the hopes that the parents will be able to find and reclaim it.
  • Call for Help: If you need assistance in caring for the kitten, reach out to your local wildlife services, vet, or animal rescue.

Baby Bobcat kittens are adorable creatures and are an important part of the natural ecosystem. Following the steps above can help ensure that as many as possible can remain safely in the wild with their parents.