what is a baby duck called


What Is A Baby Duck Called?

One of the most common and beloved birds, ducks are some of the most recognizable members of the avian family. But, did you know that baby ducks have their own name? That’s right, baby ducks have their own special name!

A Look Into What A Baby Duck Is Called

A baby duck, or duckling as they are more commonly referred to, is the name for a newly hatched duck. Just like other birds, baby ducks inherit their parent’s characteristics, and some can be spotted quite easily.

Identifying A Baby Duck

Baby ducks tend to have a yellowish or grey-brown coat when they are first born. They will also usually have a set of characteristic tufts of soft, fluffy feathers on the back of their neck. These are designed for insulation from the weather and to prevent other predators from noticing them.

Aside from the tufts and the fluff, baby ducks will look quite different from adult ducks. While adult ducks often have long and thin necks, baby ducks have much smaller, rounder necks that are often just a fraction of the size of the adult’s.

Different Types Of Baby Ducks

Given the large variety of duck species, there are numerous baby duck types. Here are a few of the most common:

  • Mallard ducklings – These are the most common type of baby ducks and are easily identifiable by their yellow bill and green head.
  • Pintail ducklings – These baby ducks have a dusky gray coat and a long, pointed tail.
  • Wood ducklings – Wood ducklings have a reddish-brown coat with white spots.
  • Eider ducklings – These baby ducks have thick, downy coats and black bills.


It is clear to see that baby ducks have their own unique name and characteristics, and there are a wide variety of baby duck species that can be found throughout the world.

Next time you are out exploring nature, keep an eye out for a few baby ducks—you might even get lucky enough to spot one!