what is a baby unicorn called



What is a Baby Unicorn Called?

A baby unicorn is an adorable creature, but what is a baby unicorn called? Unicorns are mythical horses with a spiral horn projecting from their forehead. In some cultures, baby unicorns have been seen as symbols of beauty, grace and purity.

Baby Unicorn Names

In mythology and folklore, baby unicorns go by many names. Here are some popular names used to refer to baby unicorns:

    • Blessing – In many cultures, baby unicorns represent blessings and abundance.


    • Foal – This name is a reference to a baby horse.


    • Fawn – This is a reference to a baby deer.


    • Fledgling – This means a young creature that has just begun to fly.


    • Unikeet – This is a combination of unicorn and parakeet.


Symbology of Baby Unicorns

Baby unicorns can be seen to symbolise hope and charm. In some cultures, baby unicorns also symbolise innocence and purity. Baby unicorns are also seen as symbols of power and agility because of their ability to move quickly and jump great heights. In some cultures, they are also seen as messengers of good luck and fortune.

In conclusion, the baby unicorn is a symbol of beauty, grace, innocence and power. Its many names are all evocative of the aura of wonder that the creature brings to our lives.