what is b gear in toyota corolla


Toyota Corolla B-gear: Let’s Understand What It Is

The Toyota Corolla is one of the most popular and reliable cars on the market. It’s a small, fuel efficient car that has been around since 1967. But what is the “B-gear” on the Toyota Corolla?

What Is B Gear?

B-gear is the gear located between second and third gear on certain Toyota Corolla cars. It’s designed to provide the efficiency of a manual transmission, with the convenience of an automatic transmission.

How Does B Gear Work?

When the car is in B-gear, it will shift between second and third gears depending on the driving conditions. For example, if you’re driving on flat roads, the B-gear will remain in second gear. But if you encounter an incline, the B-gear will shift to third gear to provide more power and keep the car from lagging.

The Benefits Of Using B Gear

Using the B-gear on the Toyota Corolla has several advantages over other gear options:

  • Fuel Efficiency: The B-gear helps to improve fuel efficiency by reducing the need to shift gears frequently.
  • Convenience: B-gear eliminates the need for manual shifting. This is especially useful in traffic or on long drives.
  • Safety: B-gear helps to reduce engine braking, which can help to reduce the chances of an accident due to sudden braking.


The B-gear on the Toyota Corolla can be a great addition to your car if you’re looking for better fuel efficiency and convenience. Not only will it help to improve the car’s performance, but it can also help to keep you safe on the road.