what is b in prius gear


What is B in Prius Gear?

The Toyota Prius is a popular hybrid car that uses an electric motor and a gasoline engine. The Prius has a unique set of gears, commonly referred to as “B” gear.

What Does B Gear Do?

The “B” gear on the Prius is an extra gear that helps optimize the hybrid’s fuel efficiency. When the vehicle is operating in “B” mode, the gasoline engine is engaged and power is used from the battery. This allows the vehicle to run more efficiently, thus optimizing fuel consumption.

When To Use B Gear

Using “B” gear is advantageous when driving in stop-and-go traffic or on city streets. It is also recommended for driving downhill, as it helps to conserve energy. Generally speaking, using “B” gear can help to improve fuel economy by up to 10% when compared to driving in a regular gear.

How To Use B Gear

To use the “B” gear on the Prius, you need to press and hold the gear shift lever down and move it to the left. Once in “B” mode, you will feel a slight decline in power and an increase in engine braking.

Other Tips

Using the “B” gear on the Prius is just one of several tips for improving fuel efficiency. Other tips include:

  • Maintaining tire pressure: Make sure to keep your tires at the recommended pressure, as under-inflated tires can significantly reduce fuel efficiency.
  • Using cruise control: Using cruise control helps to maintain a steady speed, which reduces the amount of fuel used.
  • Avoiding hard acceleration and braking: Sudden acceleration and braking can cause the engine to use more fuel.

Overall, using the “B” gear on the Prius is a great way to optimize your fuel efficiency. By utilizing this feature, as well as the other tips mentioned above, you can help to save money while driving your hybrid vehicle.