what is b in prius gear


What is B in Prius Gear?

The Toyota Prius is an incredibly popular hybrid car due to its fuel efficiency and relatively long battery life. It has a unique gear system that is not found in other vehicles, and one of those gears is “B.” So what is “B” in the Prius gear system?

What is B in Prius Gear?

“B” stands for “Brake” and is an extra gear option on the Prius that allows the driver to reduce the amount of energy used while driving. When in B gear, the electric motor is used to provide both braking and engine acceleration. This helps to slow the car down as well as giving the driver a smoother, quieter ride.

Benefits of B Gear in Prius

There are several benefits to having “B” in the Prius gear system, including:

  • Increased fuel efficiency. When in “B” gear, the electric motor can provide both acceleration and braking power, which helps to save on fuel. In addition, the driver can use the regenerative braking effect to recharge the battery while slowing the car down.
  • Smoother ride. The electric motor provides a smooth ride due to the more gradual acceleration and braking. This helps to reduce the risk of skidding and other potential problems that can result from jerky acceleration.
  • Reduced noise pollution. The electric motor is quiet, which helps to reduce noise pollution in busy urban areas.

How to Use B Gear in Prius

“B” gear can be accessed by pushing and holding the shift lever on the Prius for a couple of seconds until “B” appears on the audio display. Once in “B” gear, the driver can control the amount of regenerative braking and engine acceleration by adjusting their foot pressure on the accelerator and the brake pedal.


The “B” in Prius gear is a great addition to the hybrid car that helps to increase fuel efficiency, provide a smoother ride, and reduce noise pollution. When used correctly, it can be a big help to the driver in terms of fuel economy and environmental friendliness.