what is baby dust



Baby Dust: What is it?

Baby Dust, sometimes referred to as Preconception Powder, Sprinkle Dust, or Fertility Dust, is something many hopeful mothers use in trying to conceive. This powder is used on a hopeful mother’s body to assist in conception and bring good luck on the journey to becoming a mother.

What is it made of?

Baby dust is usually made up of natural ingredients, such as herbs, and can differ by country. Some of the components commonly found in baby dust include:


    • Rose petals


    • Eggshell powder


    • Bay leaves


    • Wormwood


    • Hops


    • Cardamom


    • Ginger


    • Cowslip


How is it used?


To make use of baby dust, some sprinkle it around the future parents’ bed and also on the expectant mother. Additionally, the mother can rub some of the powder at the base of her belly, in the area of the uterus. It is important to keep in mind that although baby dust can be useful for some, it is not scientifically proven to guarantee conception.