what is edot baby real name


What is Edot Baby Real Name?

Edot Baby is a well-known TikTok star and popular YouTuber. The person behind the Edot Baby name is Atatiana Bullard, born March 8, 2001. Atatiana grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and started her social media journey in 2019.

Early Life & Education

Atatiana attended Middle College High School, a college and career readiness program, before graduating in 2018. She then went on to attend University of Scranton, where she majored in Biology.

Social Media Career

Atatiana began her rise to fame when she posted her first TikTok in 2019. She quickly gained millions of followers, thanks to her funny skits and dance videos. Her fanbase became even bigger when she created her Edot Baby YouTube channel in 2020.

Fun Facts About Edot Baby

Here are some fun facts about Edot Baby:

  • She’s an animal lover: Atatiana loves her cat and is an advocate for animal adoption.
  • She’s an entrepreneur: Atatiana is the co-founder of Quix Avenue Studio, a creative agency start-up.
  • She’s a fashionista: Atatiana is always up-to-date on the latest trends and loves experimenting with different looks.


Atatiana Bullard is the real name of Edot Baby, the popular TikTok and YouTuber star. Atatiana has parlayed her social media success into a growing career in entertainment and entrepreneurship. If you’re looking for some fun facts about Edot Baby, we’ve got you covered!