what is low gear


What is Low Gear?

Low gear is one of the main functions of a modern transmission. It gives you greater control when driving your car. Here is a brief overview of why and when to use it.

Using Low Gear

Low gear is used to give you extra power when driving. It is especially useful on hills, or other terrain where you need extra torque to get your car moving. It can also help reduce the amount of stress on your engine, and increase fuel efficiency.

How to Engage Low Gear

Engaging low gear is relatively straightforward. Most cars have two options for doing so. The first is to press your foot on the brake firmly and switch your shifter into the lower gear. The second option is to switch it into the neutral position, then press gently on the accelerator and move the shifter into the lower gear.

When to Use Low Gear

Low gear should be used:

  • When driving on a hill: to give you additional traction and torque.
  • When parking: to make steering smoother and much easier.
  • When accelerating from a stopped position: to make the process smoother.
  • When driving at slower speeds: to give you better control of the car.


In conclusion, low gear is a useful tool for when you need extra power or control. However, you should be aware that using it can put extra stress on your engine and make your fuel consumption higher. If you are in doubt, consult your vehicle’s manual for the best advice.