what is s on a gear shift


What is S on a Gear Shift?

Have you ever seen a car equipped with a gear shift and noticed the letter “S” printed on it? This letter usually appears on gear shifts for automatic transmission vehicles.

The letter “S” stands for Sport. Sport mode gears provide increased acceleration, quicker response time, smoother shifts, and enhanced engine braking, thus allowing the driver to have greater control of their vehicle.

Features of Sport Mode

When a vehicle is switched into sport mode, there are various features that usually come into play:

  • Automatic transmission won’t upshift as quickly, allowing the engine to rev higher.
  • Higher engine revolutions in the lower gears.
  • Shifts are faster and more forceful which helps to maximize the cars acceleration.
  • Downshifting is usually more aggressive to provide enhanced engine braking.

Benefits of Sport Mode

Using the “S” mode on a car’s gear shift can provide many benefits.

  • Better Response Time: With sport mode on, shifts are more instant, allowing for quicker response times which comes in handy while driving in more challenging situations.
  • Maximized Performance: Sport mode can provide cars with an extra boost, making them more powerful and efficient when tested.
  • Enhanced Safety: Sport mode increases engine braking allowing the driver better control over their vehicle.

In conclusion, having a vehicle with a shift featuring the letter “S” can provide many benefits. It provides greater control, increased performance, and enhanced safety.