what is slipping gears


What is Slipping Gears?

Slipping gears is an unfavorable car performance issue that occurs unexpectedly and affects the normal operation of the car. As the name implies, it is caused by ‘slipping’ gears, and it can lead to lurching, shifting delay, and jerking motions when shifting gears.

Causes of Slipping Gears

There are a few possible causes of slipping gears. Some of the most common include :

  • Low Fluid Levels: Low automatic transmission fluid levels can cause the transmission to slip when it is under load, especially when the fluid is cold.
  • Broken or Worn Clutches: Clutches can become worn over time, leading to reduced torque and transmission slipping. It can also be caused if the gear oil seal has failed.
  • Defective Shifting Solenoid: The shifting solenoid, which is the component responsible for engaging the clutches, can become faulty due to damaged wiring.
  • Transmission Filter Clog: Finally, clogged transmission filters can cause slipping as they restrict the flow of fluid throughout the system.

How to Diagnose Slipping Gears

If you are experiencing slipping gears, it is important to diagnose the root cause as soon as possible. To do this, you will need to take the car into a qualified mechanic for a full diagnostic check. Your mechanic can use computer diagnostics to pinpoint any issues.

How to Fix Slipping Gears

Once the issue has been definitively diagnosed by your mechanic, you can then address it and fix slipping gears. The solution may vary depending on the source of the problem, however, these are the most common solutions :

  • Replace Low Fluid:Replenishing low fluid levels is the easiest time of fix.
  • Replace Clutches:A worn or broken clutch must be replaced.
  • Replace Shifting Solenoid:A defective shifting solenoid must be replaced.
  • Clean or Replace Transmission Filter:A clogged filter can be cleaned, but in many cases, it needs to be replaced entirely.

In conclusion, slipping gears can be a frustrating issue to deal with, but if you can diagnose and fix it quickly, you can get your car back on the road in no time.