what is the b gear on a prius


What is B Gear on a Toyota Prius?

The Toyota Prius is a popular fuel-efficient car that is popular among sustainability-minded drivers for its hybrid-electric powertrain. One of the unique features of the Prius is the “B” gear, which helps to maximize fuel efficiency by allowing the vehicle to use its electric motor in combination with the gasoline engine at lower speeds.

How B Gear Works

It is important to understand the difference between two types of Prius models concerning the operation of the B gear. In Prius models that have a “power split device,” B gear provides an increase in power that is more fuel-efficient than normal acceleration. It also works to reduce the load on the gas engine, allowing it to work efficiently in low-speed driving situations.

In Prius models without a power split device, B gear can be used to save fuel by allowing the electric motor to support the gas engine. It also prevents the vehicle from shifting gears too early, which would reduce fuel efficiency.

When To Use B Gear

B gear can be used when driving in city or residential areas, when sudden acceleration is not necessary. It is also useful for periods of extended downhill driving, when coasting would be the more fuel-efficient choice.

Other situations where B gear can be beneficial include:

  • Uphill Climbing – When driving uphill, B gear helps to maintain speed with less strain on the vehicle.
  • Gentle Acceleration – The electric motor can provide additional power in situations where immediate acceleration is not necessary.
  • Steady Cruise Control – B gear is useful for low-speed cruise control situations, or when driving down a hill with the cruise control set.

For maximum fuel efficiency, be sure to use B gear whenever the situation is appropriate. Knowing when and how to use this feature is key to achieving the best possible fuel economy in your Toyota Prius.