what is the b gear on a prius


What is the B Gear on a Prius?

The Prius is a unique and advanced hybrid vehicle that offers superior fuel economy and performance. One of the key differences between a standard gas-powered car and a Prius is the use of a unique “B Gear.” This gear is designed to help maximize the efficiency of the car and provide drivers with the opportunity to drive their car with maximum fuel economy in mind.

How Does the B Gear Work?

The B Gear works by allowing the car to travel at slower speeds with less power, making it more fuel efficient. The B Gear is more efficient than an automatic transmission as it reduces the revs of the engine, meaning less fuel consumption and increased efficiency. When engaged, the B Gear also allows the driver to coast more easily and to drive over inclines more efficiently.

What are the Advantages of the B Gear?

There are several advantages that come with using the B Gear:

  • Enhanced Fuel Economy: The B Gear allows for maximum fuel economy, as it allows the car to travel at slower speeds with less power consumption. This can result in up to 55 MPG on the highway, depending on the Prius model.
  • Increased Acceleration: By allowing the driver to coast more easily, the B Gear also provides enhanced acceleration when needed.
  • Enhanced Maneuverability: By allowing the car to travel over inclines more efficiently, the B Gear also enhances the maneuverability of the car.

How to Activate the B Gear

Activating the B Gear is easy and can be done by simply pressing the power switch. Depending on the model of Prius, this power switch may be labeled as the ECO mode switch or the B Gear switch. Once the switch has been pressed, the driver will know the B Gear is activated, as the engine revs will decrease significantly.


The B Gear on a Prius is an innovative and unique feature that helps maximize the efficiency of the car and allows drivers to get maximum fuel economy. Drivers can take advantage of this feature by engaging the B Gear and allowing the car to travel at slower speeds with less power, resulting in enhanced fuel economy, increased acceleration, and enhanced maneuverability.