what is the b on my gear shift


What is the B on My Gear Shift?

Are you wondering what the letter is on your gear shifter? Chances are, that letter is ‘B’. Most vehicles have a ‘B’ on the gear shifter, even manual transmission and automatic transmission vehicles. If you are unsure, you can easily look it up in your car’s owner’s manual.

What does ‘B’ Stand for?

The ‘B’ is short for ‘brake’ mode. This means that the brake is taking priority over the throttle, and the vehicle is focusing on gaining momentum and maintaining control while slowing down (versus gaining speed).

What is the Benefit of the ‘B’ Setting?

Many vehicles in today’s market come with this ‘B’ setting. This adds an extra layer of safety that helps the driver when they are slowing down or cornering, because it will help reduce engine load. When you turn on this setting, it will allow you to reduce the amount of braking power needed to slow down without sacrificing control. This is especially helpful when driving on hilly terrain or in slippery conditions.

When Should I Use the ‘B’ Setting?

  1. When you need to slow down quickly.
  2. When cornering.
  3. When driving on hilly terrain.
  4. When the road is slippery.

By using the ‘B’ setting on your vehicle, you can get better control in the event of an emergency stop, and you can also maintain control during cornering. It is an important setting to keep in mind when driving in difficult conditions and is intended to provide an extra layer of safety.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s manual shift before using the ‘B’ setting to ensure you are using it correctly. With the proper knowledge and safe driving habits, the ‘B’ setting can be incredibly helpful.