what is the gear shifter called


What Is a Gear Shifter Called?

A gear shifter is an important component in a vehicle with manual transmission, allowing the driver to select which gear they would like their car to be in. It is typically installed near the driver’s right hand and is connected to the transmission via a rod or cable. So, what is the gear shifter called?

Gear Shifter, Gear Stick, and Shift Lever

No matter what you call it – a gear shifter, a gear stick, or a shift lever – it is all the same thing. These various terms are used to describe a lever that is used to control the gear selection of the manual transmission of a vehicle.

What Does a Gear Shifter Do?

A gear shifter is responsible for helping the driver engage and disengage different gears while the vehicle is in motion. It is connected to a transmission which is responsible for controlling the speed of the vehicle, thus allowing the driver to smoothly transition between different speeds.

Types of Gear Shifters

The gear shifter is available in a few different styles, depending on the type of transmission installed in the vehicle. The following are some of the common types of gear shifters:

  • Floor Shifter – This type of gear shifter is mounted on the floor of the vehicle and has a vertical lever that is used to shift between gears.
  • Column Shifter – This type of shifter is mounted on the steering column and is usually operated by a lever or knob.
  • Steering Wheel Shifter – This type of shifter is mounted on the steering wheel and is usually operated by two buttons or paddles on the back side of the wheel.
  • Stick Shift – This is the most common type of gear shifter and is typically operated by a lever located near the driver’s right hand.

No matter what type of gear shifter your vehicle is equipped with, it is essential to know how to properly use it. Knowing the correct way to engage and disengage gears can not only make your driving experience smoother, but can also help to increase the life span of your transmission.