what is the gear shifter called


What is the Gear Shifter Called?

The gear shifter is a component of an automobile that is used to control the gear ratio of the transmission. It is essential for proper and safe operation of an automobile. So, what is the gear shifter called?

Gear Shifters

The gear shifter, also known as the gear selector, is used to switch between different driving gears. It is usually found on the floor or column of the vehicle. The gear selection is indicated by a series of letters, numbers, and symbols, which vary depending on the automobile’s make and model.

Different types of gear shifters include:

  • Manual Transmission Shifters – these are the most common type of gear shifters and are typically found on manual transmission vehicles. The driver has to select the desired gear by shifting the shifter from one position to another.
  • Automatic Transmission Shifters – these shifters are found on automatic transmission vehicles, and the vehicle will switch between gears as it accelerates and decelerates.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission Shifters – these shifters are found on cars with continuously variable transmissions and can be used to manually control the transmission.

Important Safety Features

In addition to changing the gear ratio, the gear shifter also acts as an important safety feature. It allows the driver to disengage the transmission when the vehicle is stopped or while slowing down. This technique helps to prevent the vehicle from suddenly lurching forward and potentially causing a crash.

What it’s Called

So, what is the gear shifter called? It is typically referred to as the gear shifter, gear selector, or transmission shifter. No matter what you call it, the gear shifter is an essential component of an automobile and should always be used with caution.