what is the s on the gear shift


What is the S on the Gear Shift?

If you have ever been behind the wheel of a car, camper van, or any other vehicle with an automatic transmission, you have likely seen the letter ‘S’ on the gear shift. This letter typically stands for Sport or Sport Mode.

Function of S on Gear Shift

The purpose of the ‘S’ on the gear shift is that it gives the driver the ability to override the standard gear changing behavior of the vehicle when activated. This allows the driver to manually select the gear shifts and keep the vehicle in the best possible gear depending on the terrain or conditions.

Benefits of using Sport Mode

When the driver activates the Sport Mode, several benefits can be obtained from it. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Improved Acceleration: Sport Mode will make the transition from one gear to the next much smoother and faster, allowing the vehicle to accelerate quicker.
  • Increased Power: Sport Mode will also provide increased power when added with the improved acceleration since the gears will remain engaged longer.
  • Enhanced Driver Control: Drivers can have a greater sense of control by having more control over the gear changing intervals and the amount of acceleration that is applied to the vehicle.

How to Activate Sport Mode

Activating the Sport Mode is typically as easy as pressing the ‘S’ on the gear shift and engaging it. Depending on the vehicle, the ‘S’ may need to be held down for several seconds in order for it to engage properly.

The Sport Mode can also be disengaged if needed by pressing the ‘D’ on the gear shift or simply by moving the gear shift back to its original position.

The ‘S’ on the gear shift can be a useful tool for drivers who are looking for improved performance out of their vehicles. It can offer improved acceleration, increased power, and enhanced driver control.