what is vox on baby monitor


What is VOX on Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor VOX, also known as voice activated technology, is a feature found on many audio baby monitors. This feature will activate the sound from the transmitter to the receiver, whenever it picks up a voice in the room, such as a baby’s cry.

Benefits of VOX on Baby Monitors:

  • Battery Life: VOX technology allows baby monitors to stay on without having to be constantly active. This can help extend the battery life of the parent unit.
  • Sound Detection: VOX technology can help the parent unit detect soft noises, like a baby’s crying or whimpering, that may be too faint to hear without the help of the monitor.
  • Customizable Audio Range: Most monitors with VOX technology allow for the sound range to be adjusted, so that the parent can choose how sensitive the monitor will be to sound.

How VOX Works

VOX on a baby monitor works by detecting a voice in the room. The audio is then sent from the transmitter to the parent unit, so that the parent can act upon it. Most monitors with VOX technology allow the parents to decide what level the sound has to reach before it is transmitted to the parent unit. This feature is especially useful for parents of infants, who may not make loud noises or move a lot when they’re sleeping.

Baby monitors are an important part of a parent’s toolkit, and offering a VOX feature is a great way for parents to monitor their baby in a safe, efficient way. With the latest technology and development, VOX on a baby monitor can be an invaluable tool for a parent.