what locks the output gears onto the output shaft


What Locks The Output Gears onto the Output Shaft?

The output gears transmit power from the engine to the wheels, and a secure connection between these components is essential for the stability, reliability and performance of the vehicle. To ensure that the output gears remain firmly attached to the output shaft, there are several locking mechanisms available.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

There are three main types of locking mechanisms used in the connection between the output shaft and the output gears, which include:

  • Bolts: These are secured to the output gear with a nut and are held firmly against the output shaft thanks to their tight fit.
  • Keyway Lock: This is usually a metal key that fits into a slot on the output shaft and holds the output gear in place.
  • Spline Lock: This is a helical groove that is cut into both the output shaft and the output gear, allowing the two components to interlock and remain firmly in place.

No matter which locking mechanism is used, it is essential for an experienced and knowledgeable technician to install it correctly in order to ensure a safe and reliable connection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Each Mechanism

Each locking mechanism has its own benefits and drawbacks. In terms of speed and convenience, bolts are the easiest and quickest to install, but may also be prone to coming loose over time. Spline locks are more secure due to their design, but may require special tools and time-consuming installation.

Keyway locks are the most secure option, but require the most precision when it comes to installation, making them better suited to experienced technicians. Additionally, they are more costly to purchase and may require regular maintenance over time.


The output gears must remain securely attached to the output shaft in order for the vehicle to function properly. Various locking mechanisms are available to ensure a stable connection, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. In any case, it is important to get it installed correctly for the best results.