what makes spangle beanie baby rare


Why a Spangle Beanie Baby is Rare

With a production that stopped nearly two decades ago, Spangle Beanie Babies have become an unlikely collector’s item. Here’s what makes the toy so sought after.

Original Production Run

The original product run of Spangle Beanie Babies stopped in 2001, making them rare to begin with. The amazing condition of some of the original versions still being sold means that collectors are prepared to pay higher for an item in good condition.


The Spangle Beanie Babies were not just one color, they came in two separate shades – the original royal blue and then, a lighter shade of blue – brighter than the original. The lighter shade is the rarest, making it the most desirable.


The Spangle Beanie Babies were designed with a bright, shiny and glittering coat that was much different than other Beanie Babies at the time. The royal blue and lighter blue spheres had silver metallic stars, which made them substantial and stand out from other Beanie Babies.


  • Royal Blue: The star-shaped pattern was layered with silver and blue, and featured blue-colored eyes.
  • Lighter Blue: This special version was a rare edition, with eyes that were sky-colored and a multifaceted fur texture.

Spangle Beanie Babies are highly sought after by collectors, not just because of their rarity but their unique features. The two shades of blue, along with the metallic star pattern made these Beanie Babies truly special.