what makes spangle beanie baby rare



What Makes Spangle Beanie Baby Rare?

When Spangle the Bear was released by Beanie Baby manufacturer Ty Inc. in 1999, it quickly became among the most sought-after Beanie Babies for collectors. Here’s why Spangle the Bear is so rare and desirable.

The Design

Spangle the Bear has several features that make it unique and stand out compared to other Beanie Babies. It has the classic bear shape made from Ty’s signature material, and it features the distinctive “Chevron S” design that Beanie Babies are known for. The bear is small and light, making it a great gift option for children.

The Rarity Factor

The scarcity of Spangle the Bear is part of what makes it so desirable. With as few as 20,000 units produced and sold, compared to the hundreds of millions of other Beanie Babies in circulation, Spangle is a must-have for any collector. The limited production run has resulted in Spangle being one of the hardest-to-find Beanie Babies, making it a rare and valuable item.

The High Value

Due to its limited supply, Spangle the Bear has become one of the most valuable Beanie Babies on the market. With an estimated worth of up $200.00, it is one of the few Beanie Babies that can fetch such a high price.

Collectors who manage to find a Spangle the Bear in good condition can receive a return on their investment that few Beanie Babies offer. It is a symbol of rarity and status, and a great addition to any collection.


For those looking to add to their Beanie Baby or toy collection, Spangle the Bear is a must-have. Its unique design, low production numbers, and high value make it a highly sought-after, rare item that is sure to please any collector.


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