What really happened to Darlene’s baby on Ozark: The shocking truth revealed


Ozark is a popular Netflix series that follows a family that moves to the Ozarks in order to launder money for a drug cartel. Throughout the show’s three seasons, many dramatic and unexpected events occur. One of these events involves Darlene’s baby, whose disappearance has been a major point of the show’s storyline.

What happened to Darlene’s baby?

In season 2, Darlene gives birth to a baby boy, but shortly after his birth, the baby disappears. Darlene claims that the baby died and she buried him, but no one believes her. There were several theories surrounding the baby’s fate, including the idea that Darlene sold the baby or that he was kidnapped.

The shocking truth revealed

In episode 1 of season 3, viewers finally learn the truth about what happened to Darlene’s baby. It is revealed that the baby did die shortly after birth, but not from natural causes. Darlene actually smothered the baby in order to spare him from the harsh life she believed he would have as a member of the crime family.

This revelation sends shockwaves through the show’s characters, especially Wyatt, who was in a relationship with Darlene at the time. The aftermath of this revelation is explored throughout the rest of the season, as characters struggle to come to terms with what happened.


The reveal of what happened to Darlene’s baby was a major moment in Ozark and had a profound impact on the show’s storyline. While it may have been a disturbing reveal, it provided necessary closure to this ongoing plot point. It will be interesting to see how this revelation affects future storylines and character development in the show’s upcoming seasons.