what should baby wear in snoo



What Should Baby Wear for Snoo?

Getting a baby to sleep through the night can be a challenge for parents. The Snoo sleeper is designed to help babies rest safely and securely, keeping them swaddled and snug at all times. However, knowing what to dress a baby in for Snoo can be tricky. The following is a guide for figuring out what a baby should wear for Snoo.

Clothing Options

When it comes to clothing a baby for the Snoo, parents have a few options. The following are suitable choices to dress your baby in:

    • One-piece sleeper – One-piece sleepers are perfect for the Snoo. These one-piece outfits feature feet and feet so you don’t need to worry about buying socks and booties. Plus, they are made of soft and breathable material, so your baby can stay comfortable throughout the night.


    • Mesh sleep sack – A mesh sleep sack is a great choice for the Snoo. These sleep sacks are designed to keep your baby warm without overheating. Made from breathable mesh fabric, they provide comfort and a secure fit, keeping your baby wrapped up during the night.


    • Neck warmer and mittens – If you don’t want the hassle of putting on a jammie or one-piece, then a neck warmer and a pair of mittens is a good option. This can help keep your baby’s head and hands warm, while still allowing for movement during the night.


What Can You Layer on the Baby?

It’s important to layer the baby appropriately for the Snoo. Make sure that there is enough layers to keep your baby warm while making sure they don’t overheat. Here are some good layers to consider:

    • Bodysuit – A bodysuit is a great way to keep your baby’s core warm. This should fit snugly so that it won’t move around and provide warmth without becoming too hot.


    • Swaddle – A swaddle is a necessity for the Snoo. This will help your baby stay warm, secure and content.


    • Socks and booties – If your baby isn’t wearing a one-piece sleeper, then socks and booties are essential. They will help keep your baby’s feet and legs warm while they sleep.


    • Blankets – One or two light blankets are recommended. Make sure that these blankets are breathable and won’t add too much extra warmth.



Keeping a baby warm and comfortable throughout the night can be difficult, but the Snoo can help. By following the above advice for dressing your baby for the Snoo, you can be sure that your little one is snug, secure and warm.