what should baby wear under swaddle



What should baby wear under a swaddle

A swaddle is a type of baby wrap used primarily for newborns, typically done to help keep the baby warm and comforted. Swaddling has also been known to help newborns feel secure, calm, and restful. But what should baby wear under a swaddle?

Types of Clothing

When dressing baby for sleep, there are a few different types of clothing you should consider:

    • Onesies: These are the most important type of clothing to wear under the swaddle. They are comfortable and keep baby warm. Look for onesies that are snug, lightweight and made of cotton.


    • Sleep Sacks: These are an ideal alternative to a swaddle, as they can keep baby warm without the risks of swaddling, like increased risk of hip dysplasia.


    • Footed Pajamas: These are a great choice for keeping baby warm and cozy during cooler temperatures.


    • Outerwear: If the baby is going out in cooler weather, you may want to consider an extra layer of clothing, such as a light jacket.


What Not to Wear

When swaddling your baby, there are also a few things you should avoid:

    • Too many layers: Babies tend to overheat very easily, so too many layers can be dangerous.


    • Hats: Hats can sometimes be too restrictive and uncomfortable for baby, so try to avoid them when swaddling.


    • Loose clothing: It can be tempting to dress baby in something too large or oversized. But doing this can be dangerous as oversized clothing can bunch up and increase the risk of SIDS.


    • Blankets: It’s important to remember that babies should NEVER sleep with blankets, comforters or pillows. These items can increase their chance of SIDS.


Final Thoughts

When dressing your baby for sleep, it’s important to remember that safety is the top priority. Choose lightweight, snug-fitting clothing to keep baby warm, and always make sure to avoid excess layers, hats, loose clothing and blankets. Doing so will help keep your baby safe and comfortable while they sleep.