what time of year do mice have babies



Mice Breeding Season

Mice have an active breeding season throughout the year, however, the peak of the breeding season usually starts in the spring or summer months. Female mice typically have up to 8 litters in one year, each with an average of 8 baby mice. If a female mouse mates with a male at the beginning of the breeding season, it is entirely possible for her to have more than 8 litters in a year.


Each of the litters a female mouse has are typically spaced between 21-35 days apart. Since female mice are able to become pregnant again soon after giving birth to a litter, the potential for multiple litters in a year is possible. Female mice reach sexual maturity quickly, and can actually become pregnant at just four weeks of age.


Male mice are usually sexually mature at around six to ten weeks, although this process can vary due to different environmental factors. During the breeding season, male mice will also do whatever they can to attract female mates, like defending territory, gathering nesting materials and displaying courtship behaviour.


Several factors can influence the breeding season for mice, including the following:

    • Weather: Milder weather with increased rainfall and fewer periods of extreme cold can lead to a longer breeding season for mice


    • Environment: If a mouse’s environment provides an abundance of food, nesting materials, and other resources, they can have multiple litters throughout the year


    • Light:Mice are sensitive to the amount of light they receive, so they tend to start breeding when the days become longer


Overall, mice tend to have peak breeding seasons in the spring and summer months, but depending on environmental factors, they can have multiple litters throughout the year.