what time of year do opossums have babies



When Do Opossums Have Babies?

Opossums, also known as possums, are marsupials found in the United States and Canada. They are commonly seen in urban and rural areas. Surprisingly, they can have more than two dozen babies at once. As special marsupials, opossums have unique habitats and behavior in regards to giving birth and raising their young.

Birthing Season

The birthing season for opossums is relatively short and takes place between the months of December and April. In warmer climates, the season may start and end earlier. During this season, female opossums will carry fertilized eggs in their pouch for approximately 13 days.

Birthing Process

Once the eggs have hatched, the female opossum will give birth to her babies. Known as joeys, these tiny creatures will cling to their mother’s fur before making their way into her pouch where they will feed and live for the next few months.

Raising Babies

Unlike typical marsupials, female opossums are able to produce litter sizes of up to 24. This means that the mother opossum must find enough food, shelter and other necessities to keep her and her joeys safe. As a result, female opossums can often be seen scurrying around trees and bushes looking for food and resources. Once the joeys are born, they are dependent on their mother until they are old enough to venture off and find their own food.


All in all, the season for opossums to have babies typically takes place between December and April. The birthing process is short and somewhat unique compared to other marsupials, with female opossums able to birth up to two dozen joeys at once. Once the mother opossum gives birth, she is responsible for raising her little ones until they are old enough to fend for themselves.