what time should a baby shower start



What Time Should a Baby Shower Start?

Baby showers are celebrations of the upcoming birth of a baby and often involve friends, family and gifts. Timing is integral to the news event and for that reason, there is no one-size fits all answer for what time a baby shower should start. Let’s explore some important factors to consider when deciding the time.

Do’s and Don’ts


    • Consider the mother-to-be’s obligations


    • Consider the age of the guest list


    • Hold the shower during the day


    • Leave enough time for introductions and conversations



    • Don’t make it too early to disrupt bedtimes


    • Avoid excessive drinking for working parents


    • Avoid Friday evening or Saturday evenings


    • Don’t go too late for other obligations



The baby shower should be timed to fit the mother-to-be’s schedule. Choose a time when the mother-to-be can attend and be comfortable. If the guest list consists of working professionals, consider starting late in the afternoon to avoid influencing their work but not so late that others need to rush to other evening activities.

If part of the guest list are kids, then the shower should start between 1-3 pm and last no longer than two hours, so that the kids can make it home in time for dinner or bed.
Create a relaxed environment by allowing enough time for introductions and conversations.


Ultimately, the start time for a baby shower will depend upon who’s attending and what fits in the mother-to-be’s schedule. While there’s no universal time of day to start, carefully consider the above factors when determining the start time. Happy baby shower planning!