what to ask at 9 month baby appointment



What to Ask at 9 Month Baby Appointment

Bringing your 9 month old baby to the doctor for a checkup can often bring up more questions than you have answers for. It is important to get the most out of your visit, so being prepared in advance with a list of topics and questions to ask will make sure no important issue is left uncovered. Here’s a list of what to ask your doctor at your 9 month appointment:

General Health Questions:


    • Are there any medical concerns with my baby’s development?


    • What can I do to foster healthy development my baby’s in the coming months?


    • What do you suggest for ensuring a healthy diet for my baby?


    • Are any vaccinations due?


    • Are there any signs that I should look for that could signify illness?


Safety Questions:


    • How can I make sure that my baby’s environment is safe?


    • What safety measures should I take when my baby starts to crawl and become more mobile?


    • How can I tell if my baby is putting him or herself in an unsafe situation?


    • Are there any particular toys or products that are suitable for my baby’s age?


Parenting Advice:


    • What tips or advice can you offer my partner and I as we continue to adjust to the role of parents?


    • What advice can you give me on how to maintain a regular sleep routine for my baby?


    • Is it possible to develop strategies that will help my baby transition from crib to bed?


    • What advice can you provide for discipline and teaching my baby good behaviour?


Being prepared with a list of questions is important to ensure that no important issue goes left uncovered at your baby’s 9 month checkup. Asking the right questions enables you to get the best advice for your baby’s health, safety and development.