what to do when father doesn’t want baby


When Your Father Doesn’t Want a Baby

Having a baby can be a difficult decision, especially when your family and partner are not on the same page. If your father does not want a baby, it can be a very stressful and strained situation. With careful consideration, communication, and respect, it’s possible to address your father’s concerns while still pursuing your desire of having a baby.

Communicate Openly and Respectfully

It’s essential to remain open and respectful in any discussion between you and your father. Depending on your relationship and his degree of opposition, it’s important to acknowledge his feelings and assess his own concerns. Understand that men can have different feelings and unique perspectives than a mother’s view –– even if he has no children of his own –– and discuss it without resorting to hurtful arguments. Listen to him thoughtfully, address his issues directly, and remain honest.

Assess His Intentions

Your father may not want a baby because of his misunderstandings of your circumstances and status. He may think that a baby would interfere with your studies and career. Additionally, if your father is not in a relationship, he may not consider himself to be financially prepared to support your new family. It’s important to understand his worries and address them in a direct yet understanding manner.

Recommend Solutions

Once you understand your father’s concerns, you can try to come up with solutions as a family. Ultimately, it’s your decision to make, but you can offer suggestions that may make it easier for him to accept the prospect of a new baby in the family. Here are some potential solutions that may help:

  • Talk about finances: Reassure him that you’ll take responsibility for the costs of having a baby. Talk about potential aid programs, medical plans, and other financial resources.
  • Emphasize the importance of education: Explain that you’ll still prioritize your studies and career; the baby would just be an additional part of your life that you’ll be able to handle.
  • Addressing older age: If your father is an older parent, explain that having a baby at an older age comes with its own rewards and advantages.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that the decision to have a baby should come from within you and your partner. Talk to people who can offer advice and support, and seek out counseling if necessary. It’s all about finding the best solutions together as a family.