what to do with a baby all day


What to do with a Baby All Day

Babies needs lots of love and attention and can often be difficult to keep entertained. Here are some simple ideas for what you can do with your baby all day.

Activities for Babies

  • Reading Time – Reading to a baby is an important part of their development. Choose large, brightly coloured books and include time for your baby to explore the book as well.
  • Singing Time – Singing to a baby helps to build bonds and can be lots of fun. Make up your own lyrics or just belt out your favourite tunes.
  • Tummy Time – Tummy time is when a baby lies on their stomach, supported but with their head up. This strengthens the baby’s back and neck muscles.
  • Play Time – Playing with toys can help your baby with their hand-eye coordination, their understanding of cause and effect and can help them to become creative.
  • Outdoor Time – Walks or gentle strolls can be enjoyable and helps give the baby some fresh air. Visiting local parks and other fun places can help keep them entertained.

Nutrition and Rest

Remember to provide adequate nutrition and rest for the baby as well, as this is just as important as stimulating activities. If the baby appears to be tired or hungry, make sure to give them the attention and nutrition they need before anything else.


Spending quality time with your baby is an incredibly important way to form bonds and help them develop. The activities listed above are just a few ideas of how you can ensure that your baby never gets bored.