what to do with baby teeth after they fall out



What To Do With Baby Teeth After They Fall Out

With the tooth fairy still a viable part of our culture, it is important to know what to do when the first baby tooth falls out. Here are some steps to help guide you through this exciting and momentous transition in a child’s life.

Cherish & Store

It is always a great idea to keep the tooth in a special place to cherish and look back on later. Consider a locket, trinket box, or even a sealed envelope to store the tiny tooth.

Label The Tooth

In your storage area, it is good practice to label the tooth with the child’s name, date, and a brief memory or milestone. This way the memory of how this tooth came out can be remembered.

Visit The Dentist

A trip or two to the dentist is always in order as baby teeth fall out and eventually get replaced by permanent teeth. The dentist can check for any complications or issues before the permanent teeth come in.

Kiss and Release

Once you’ve safely kept the tooth and had a great trip to the dentist, you can kiss the little tooth goodbye and release it to the Tooth Fairy (or substitute of choice). This can be a fun ceremony to give closure to the exciting experience.

Do Some Research

Although there is no definitive scientific conclusion to backup any beliefs that may be associated with baby teeth, it is always fun to dive into and learn more about the different traditions and folklore associated with the loss of a baby tooth.

Share The Experience

Whether it’s a picture, a piece of artwork, or a funny story, take some time to share the experience with family and friends who may not have had the chance to witness the event. It may bring them some joy and will be a great memory for everyone.

Remember to cherish the moments when baby teeth fall out since it only happens once in a lifetime. So take the time to make it special, laugh, and enjoy the experience of growing up!

Happy Growing!