what to pack for baby swimming lessons



Packing List for Baby Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons are a fun way for babies to get comfortable in the water. When you’re preparing for baby swimming lessons, here is a list of items to help make your trip to the pool comfortable and safe.

Clothes and Towels


    • Bathing suit: Make sure you have a swimsuit that covers the baby’s diaper to avoid any embarrassing accidents.


    • Towel: Bring a large bath towel for drying off after swimming.


    • Hat: A sun hat is necessary for protecting baby’s delicate skin from the sun.


Pool Accessories


    • Goggles: Baby goggles with adjustable straps will keep the water out of baby’s eyes.


    • Swim Ring: Floats and rings are great for giving baby extra buoyancy.


    • Toy: Bring a fun toy or two to keep baby entertained during breaks.


Care Items


    • Sunscreen: Bring a high SPF sunscreen to protect baby’s skin while they are in the pool.


    • Diapers: You will likely need to change baby diapers after swimming so bring a few extras.


    • Snack: Some snacks and water will keep baby full and hydrated between lessons.


With these items on hand, your baby will be prepared for a successful and comfortable swimming lesson. Have fun splashing in the pool!