what to wear to baby baptism


What to Wear to a Baby Baptism

Baptism is a special ceremony that celebrates the individual entry of a baby into the Christian church. Attending a baby baptism is a memorable occasion, and demands appropriate dress and a show of respect. Here are some tips on selecting the perfect outfit for a baby baptism.

Appropriate Attire for Men and Women

For men, business casual is usually the accepted standard. Men should wear slacks and collared shirts, with a coat and tie if you wish. Sport coats, nice jeans and sweaters are also acceptable.

For women, a dress is appropriate. It should be tasteful and modest. Consider wearing a pastel shade or wearing neutrals like navy, brown or grey. It’s also fine to wear a neat skirt and blouse. For a more formal look, consider a long gown.

Appropriate Attire for Children

For boys, dress pants or neat trousers and collared shirt are appropriate. For girls, a dress or skirt and blouse are an acceptable choice. Both boys and girls should dress modestly and avoid wearing anything too casual. Bright colors such as red or yellow should also be avoided.

Accessorizing Your Outfit

  • Footwear – Your shoes should be clean and polished as shoes can actually be a major focus during the ceremony. Think dressy flats or loafers.
  • Hats and Accessories – Men should avoid outrageous ties and flashy accessories. Women can opt for subtle jewelry and simple hats or head covers.
  • Outerwear -If you plan to wear a coat, choose one that matches the occasion. For instance, a raincoat or bright colors are not the best option.

Keep in mind the goal of baptism is to bless and congratulate your newest family member, so dress modestly and appropriately for the ceremony. Modest attire demonstrates respect for the baby, the church, and the event. Utilize these tips to help you choose the perfect outfit for a baby baptism.