what to write on outside envelope of baby shower card



What to Write on the Outside of a Baby Shower Card

When it comes to writing an envelope for a baby shower card, it’s important to make sure that you make it special. You want to make sure that the recipient will be excited to read your heartfelt wishes to the expecting parents. Here are some tips that you should consider when addressing a baby shower card envelope:

Include the Name of the Expecting Parents

When writing out the envelope, make sure to include the name of the expecting parents. You can also opt to include the baby’s name, if you know it. Additionally, be sure to include the appropriate titles for each of the parents.

Include the Address

Include the full address, including the street name and address, the state, and the zip code. Double-check the address before sending to make sure it’s correct.

Tips for Decorating the Envelope

There are some great ways to make your envelope a little extra special. Here are some ideas for decorating the envelope:

    • Add a Drawing: Add a simple drawing or illustration onto the outside of the envelope. This will show the parents-to-be how you care about them and their new arrival.


    • Get Creative With Stickers: Stickers are always a great way to jazz up the envelope and give it some extra flair. You can find baby shower themed stickers at your local store.


    • Write a Note: If you have the space, you can also opt to write a short note to the expecting parents. This will allow them to know that your good wishes are coming from your heart.


Baby showers are a special time, and it’s important to make sure the expecting parents feel extra special. By following these tips for what to write on the outside of a baby shower card envelope, you can make sure that your wishes for the new arrival make it to the parents in a special way.