What’s Hiding in Baby’s Bib? The Surprising Finds You Can Uncover


Parents know that keeping their baby’s clothes clean can be challenging, but one item that often gets overlooked or forgotten is the bib. Baby’s bib is essential for mealtime, especially during the messy stage of weaning or when introducing new foods. However, parents often don’t know what surprising things can be found on baby’s bib. Here are some things to be aware of:

I. Saliva

Saliva is a natural bodily fluid produced by the salivary glands that helps break down food and aid digestion. While it is vital for our overall health, an overproduction of saliva can cause problems related to dribbling and swallowing. Babies tend to drool and produce extra saliva during certain stages of development, thus making it a surprising find on baby’s bib.

II. Food

Babies can eat a wide range of foods, including purees, finger foods, and blends. However, certain types of food can be messy and may hide on baby’s bib while eating. Moreover, foods can produce smells and bacteria that can be harmful to baby’s health.

III. Germs

Babies are vulnerable to germs, especially during their early stages of development. Different types of germs can be found on baby’s bib, including food bacteria and other microorganisms. To prevent the spread of germs, it is essential to ensure that the bibs are cleaned properly and regularly.

V. Other Particles

Dust, dirt and other small particles can quickly stick to baby’s bib. To avoid these particles, it is essential to keep the surroundings clean and minimize the use of bibs outside the house, where there is more exposure to dust and dirt.


The cleanliness of baby’s bib is crucial for parents to ensure their baby’s health and safety. Despite its essential role, bibs can hide some unexpected finds, including saliva, food particles, germs, and other substances. Parents can avoid these findings by keeping the surrounding area clean, regularly washing the bibs with a detergent suitable for baby and minimizing the use of bibs outside the home. By paying attention to these details, parents can ensure their baby is safe, healthy and happy.